Body Wellness treatments for both Men and Women

Therapeutic Massage - (1 hour) $80   Buy Gift Certificate
This massage concentrates directly on the affected areas of muscle discomfort followed by a full body massage. By applying just enough pressure to the muscles, body tension is alleviated and relieved. This is the perfect massage for athletes, those standing for extended periods of time, or those with specific muscle issues. You can also enjoy 90 Minutes for $120 Buy Gift Certificate

Deep Tissue Massage - (1 hour) $75   Buy Gift Certificate
Perfect for those with a fast-paced lifestyle who want a firmer massage. Good for tight muscles & knots, and also for athletes.  Our invigorating massage helps release lactic acids, detoxifies, and most importantly, will result in a healthier body and more positive outlook on life.

Swedish Relaxing Massage - (1 hour) $65   Buy Gift Certificate
The true essence of massage therapy for all of us.  These are light to medium massage strokes.  You will feel relaxed, yet ready to "Take on the Day."

Hot Stone Massage - (1 hour) $90  Buy Gift Certificate
This will instill a deep level of calm while relaxing tight muscles, removing blockages and dissolving stress.  You will leave the spa feeling renewed and energized through the penetrating, healing properties of these natural volcanic stones, heated to just the right temperature for the most ultimate relaxing experience. 1.5 Hour Session $135 - Buy Gift Certificate

Aromatherapy Massage - (1 hour) $80   Buy Gift Certificate
After a thorough consultation, your therapist will help you select from balancing, toxic cleanse, serenity and vitamin-rich massage oils, to provide you with a soothing and deeply healing massage experience.

Prenatal Massage - (1 hour) $70   Buy Gift Certificate
A women has specific needs before, during and after pregnancy, A variety of bodywork techniques are used to reduce the stress put on your body through the rapid and profound physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy. Available during your second and third trimester. Postpartum massage helps restore the body to pre-pregnancy conditions and totally nurtures the new mom.

Reflexology - (30 minutes) $40   Buy Gift Certificate
An application of pressure point massage on specific reflex zones on the feet will improve circulation, ease pain, and relax the body. Foot Reflexology corresponds to all of the organs and systems in the body, and promotes health and wellness. 1 hour session $70  Buy Gift Certificate

Customized Body Wraps - $105 


Deep Tissue Therapy - $20  Focuses on troublesome areas / trigger points and muscle manipulation. Includes specialized deep penetrating cream for targeted areas.   

Body Scrub  - $15  Leaves your skin radiant and smooth.   

Body Exfoliation - $15  Brushing technique - Gets rid of toxins and older skin.        

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Hours & Location

CHE is located at 7505 West Jefferson Blvd (under the green awning!) in Fort Wayne
Call 260-436-2950 or 432-5211

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Monday and Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Evening appointments are available - just give us a call and let's find a time that works for you!
We believe in being closed on Sundays, so that we can spend time with our families, and better serve you during the week.

Our clientele are based out of Fort Wayne, Hoagland, Yoder, Indianapolis, South Bend, Lafayette, Portland, Hartford City, Angola, Columbia City, Harlan, Fremont, Zionsville, Carmel, Fishers, Muncie and Syracuse IN. Hicksville, Ft. Recovery, Toledo and Coldwater, OH